Positions at Carmofon Lab

We are building an interdisciplinary team to study fundamental questions about biological organization and its biomedical implications. Prospective graduate students or postdoctoral trainees with experience -or interests- in combining experimental and computational methods are encouraged to contact us. Although we are not seeking for a particular background, training in cancer, immunology, quantitative biology or experimental physics would be a great fit. Experience with in vitro culture of cells and organoids, quantitative microscopy, in vivo models, molecular and synthetic biology, microfabrication, or mathematical modeling will help.

As part of NYU’s Center for Genomics & Systems Biology we are located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, New York City, right by Washington Square Park. We are currently welcoming students and postdocs to join our laboratory:

  • Postdoctoral Fellows: We are looking for M.D or Ph.D applicants from a wide variety of disciplines. Background on quantitative biology and/or experimental physics is desired but not a must. Postdoctoral fellows applicants are strongly encouraged to seek for independent funding. Please email Carlos with your CV, a brief description of research interests, future plans, and why our lab is a good fit for you. Also please provide letters or at least contacts of 3 references.
  • Graduate Students: We are looking out for exceptional, motivated, and creative graduate students. Prospective Graduate Students can apply to our lab through the NYU’s Biology PhD Program as well as through the Developmental Genetics PhD Training Program, from NYU Medical.
  • Undergraduate Students: We are also looking for motivated and independent undergraduates to join the lab. Students need to commit to stay for at least 1 year (including a summer) in the lab, to allow sufficient time to learn properly our research techniques, integrate to the our team, and to yield solid progress in research projects. Undergraduate positions can receive research credits and are on a volunteer basis. Please email Carlos with a CV, major, research interests, and availability.